Confluence Book. fUNDED ON KICKSTARTER IN 2018

An artistic and beautifully designed hard-back book of photography and stories by collaborating artists across cultures…

All monies made from sales of Celtic and Arabian Visions and Stories goes directly to Confluence to further help fund artistic residencies, exchanges, and apprenticeships.

Praise for Celtic & Arabian Visions and Stories


“Received the book around two weeks ago. I must admit, as a bibliophile... it was a scrumptious looking volume. I loved the thick paper and the binding. I’m just starting to read it and it is a wonderful experience to sit and take my time with it. Thank You.”

— J Harrison Smith



“Lovely surprise picking up this book in Marrakech today, making strong spiritual connections across cultures”

— Ian Stirling, Church of Scotland

“Well, where do I start with this book?
I am truly blown away by how fabulous it is - every single story and photograph is truly heartwarming and beautiful. The book is wonderfully crafted and produced and is a true delight to hold in your hands (yes, I like physical books) This book is testament to all of the hard work that has gone into creating ‘Confluence’ as an initiative and the professionalism and care that has gone into this whole project is remarkable.

I’m genuinely humbled to be part of this superb venture (as a contributing photographer) and I can’t wait to share the beauty of this book with friends and family - here’s to the success of Confluence! This is the start of something very special!”

— Abi Hopkins, Photographer


“I have received my copy of the Confluence book and it is a piece of art. I don’t remember going through an entire book in one evening before, but the Confluence book is a special case. For sure not because it contains a couple of my own stories, it is the journey it takes you on. It is multi-artistic and multicultural too. As I am going through each page, there are many surprises. Being so involved in the project, I thought I knew what to expect but that wasn’t the case. Each story transcends every image that is next to it and vice versa. I feel like a parent that is witnessing his kid grow and surpass expectations. ”


— The Storyteller, Mehdi El Ghaly

“This book contains familiar stories made new in the telling as well as many stories and imagery fresh and unfamiliar to me, for which my eyes and imagination are always hungry. It is a joy and a wonderfully realised joy at that. I find myself returning to it again and again in quiet moments. The juxtaposition of exquisite imagery and beautifully told stories in response to a limited number of themes delivers all that this splendid project aspired to and more. It is a book that takes images and stories and weaves of them a poem on paper that changes a little with every encounter. It also focuses our attention on what binds us in our common humanity rather than what divides us, something much needed right now. It is also a beautiful object to hold in a world where so much is now virtual. A real book, substantial and tactile”

— Katherine Soutar, Illustrator