Confluence Book

Confluence Book


An artistic and beautifully designed hard-back book of Photography and Stories by collaborating artists across cultures.
Confluence: Celtic and Arabian Visions and Stories is an art book full of stories, some traditional and some modern, each written by Arabian or Celtic storytellers. The book contains a collection of beautiful photographic art inspired by the stories and taken by photographic artists from both cultures.

The lovingly compiled 192-page, hard-back is finished in high quality cloth. Working with Scottish based art director and designer, Samuel Sparrow, we have designed and compiled this book containing page after page of photographic art and magical stories, from Selkies in Scotland to modern day Moroccan fairytales, every one inspired by a Confluence theme.

Confluence: Celtic and Arabian Visions and Stories is a book that brings together stories and photographic art from two very different cultures. 

The Foreword has been kindly written by British author, journalist and documentary filmmaker Tahir Shah, author of many books including The Caliph's House and In Arabian Nights and son of Sufi teacher and writer Idries Shah.  Tahir is also champion of the Qantara Foundation (meaning 'bridge' in Arabic), establishing and promoting a 'cultural bridge' between the East and the West.

The book has seven chapters, each one a Confluence Theme: 

  • Water 

  • Happiness 

  • Number 3 

  • Old 

  • Time 

  • Silence 

  • Money

Richard Hamilton, BBC Africa Correspondent and author of The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco, brilliantly introduces the book and the seven themes of Confluence.  

Each chapter includes magical illustrations by Clare Melinsky. Over the last thirty years Clare's illustrations have been used in advertising and in books, including a complete set of 7 covers for the Harry Potter novels, magazines, including the Radio Times, and Royal Mail postage stamps.

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