By Mehdi El Ghaly

Some experiences flourish in unforgettable journeys, and that is Confluence!
Recently, we celebrated the launch of the Confluence book, Celtic and Arabian Visions and Stories, in Rabat at the British Ambassador’s residence and it was a wonderful event.

Image © Ian Biggar

Image © Ian Biggar

Image © Ruari G Barber-Fleming

Image © Ruari G Barber-Fleming

A group of Confluence team members began the journey in Marrakech, we hit the road and what a day! It was full of fun with eleven of us split into three cars. The road ahead was long and we had time to reconnect with each other, we shared laughter, fast food and deep conversations about all what we have achieved so far.

By the time we got to Rabat, you could feel the excitement in all of us, anticipating the evening ahead. We took some time to relax and freshen up after the long ride and then got back into the cars to head to the Ambassador's residence. The moment we walked in, there was a special warmth, you could feel the Confluence energy. Immediately we were all greeted by his Excellency.

The first thing that then caught my eye was our book, many copies were on display all around the residence with some stories from the book and artwork exhibited on the walls, it felt like the book was in its natural habitat.

Once we had set up our Confluence story cubes, the evening got into full swing. So many interesting people, new and old friends made, but the most astonishing thing was the guests’ interest in knowing our story and how they could be involved. A wonderful gathering of people, where many had never met, and all were connected and taking part in Confluence, that is an achievement in itself.


One moment I will never forget was the passionate speech the Ambassador gave when he shared with us how storytelling impacted his early days in Morocco. The stories he shared with us set the tone to what followed, a beautiful performance by Celtic storyteller, Anne Errington and my own performance. Once again, Anne and I made the Confluence magic happen and took the guests off to that world where the spoken word is the master of the moment! Our collection of stories told from the book gave an introduction to what can be expected from Confluence.

One couldn’t have asked for a better way to put the wind in our sails for the onward voyage of Confluence.


Confluence would like to thank the British Ambassador to Morocco, Mr Thomas Reilly and Mrs Leah Reilly for their kind hospitality.

Thanks also to Mr Chris Frean for his support and to residence staff for organising an unforgettable event.

Laura Hudson Mackay