Team Confluence

The founding team of collaborating storytellers and photographers, dedicated to bringing cultures closer together through art.  


Laura Hudson Mackay Photographer and Founder

Houssain Belabbes Photographer and Co-Founder

Mehdi El Ghaly Storyteller and Co-Founder

Anne Errington Storyteller and Co-Founder

Fiona Morrison Storyteller and Marketing/PR

Abi Hopkins Photographer and Project Manager

Abdelaali Ait Karroum Project Manager

Aidan Nicol Fundraising and Development

Scott Mackay Orchestrator

DESIGN AND website

Samuel Sparrow


Supporters / Partners

To enable us to carry out our mission we are working with a diverse range of supporters and partners including festivals, cross cultural organisations, NGO’s, non-profits and educational institutions. 

If you would like to partner with us get in touch